Furniture For Outdoor Playgrounds

As furniture manufacturers for outdoor playgrounds, we guarantee quality, price, service and complete advice on all our products.

The furniture playgrounds outside , like all games and equipment for children’s play areas, must be designed taking into account the age of the children and other users for which it will be destined to fulfill their expectations and encourage the concept of play not only as a form of entertainment, but also as an instrument of integration, inclusion and learning.


The playgrounds are must in certain places outdoors: In the gardens and squares of our cities, in the courtyards of colleges, schools and kindergartens, in camp or recreational areas of hotels and restaurants. And depending on the characteristics, requirements and type of users to whom these outdoor play areas are destined, it is highly recommended to provide them with the most appropriate urban furniture.


The playgrounds outside, consisting of swings, slides, seesaws, playhouses and other children ‘s games, can be supplemented with other elements of outdoor furniture  such as litter bins, planters, fountains or benches, and even with outdoor tables game, giving the whole an aesthetic dimension for the enjoyment of children and adults.


The outdoor furniture products for playgrounds are good. They revolve around the game as a key piece in the development of the child and its relationship with the environment, offering our customers, from elements of regular children’s games to the integral design of outdoor recreation areas.


Fountains, benches, litter bins or planters are the most used furniture in outdoor playgrounds. But when it comes to designing or renovating these spaces for children’s games and entertainment, other products complement perfectly with children’s games and improve these recreational spaces in every way are increasingly in demand . Some of these products are:

  •        Anti-vandal table tennis tables.
  •        Outdoor chess tables for parks.
  •        Fences for playgrounds.
  •        Accessible games for playgrounds.
  •        Swings adapted for children in wheelchairs.

Undoubtedly, equip a playground with any of these innovative products, provides a set of values ​​appreciated by all users and are ideal for installation in outdoor play areas of schools, daycares, campsites, hotels, communities of owners and municipalities throughout Spain.

Our company puts at your disposal everything you need to set up outdoor playgrounds with the best products, furniture and equipment. All our games and furniture for outdoor playgrounds are anti-vandalism and are approvedwith the European regulation of security EN-1176, guaranteeing its quality and resistance to intensive use and any type of environmental aggression.

In addition, as manufacturers of furniture for outdoor playgrounds , we not only guarantee the best quality, price and service of all our products. We also provide you with full advice during the entire design, selection and installation process of any playground or outdoor recreation area.