Design And Equipment Of Playgrounds

Children’s play areas and playgrounds should be designed to ensure entertainment, fun, safety and learning for children through the installation of games and play equipment, specially designed to contribute to their physical and emotional development.

The companies dedicated to the design and equipment of playgrounds we know the importance of the game in each stage of childish age, for that reason we must advise our clients on the games and the equipments must be adapted according to the place and the age of the children who are going to use it . It is not the same design and equipment that requires a large public playground of a city, a park for a nursery with children from 1 to 5 years, or the playground of a school and a community of owners.

Other important aspects when tackling the design and equipment of playgrounds are the environment that surrounds them and the usual weather conditions of the place.

Regarding security , whether the playgrounds are for public or commercial or collective use, they must comply with the measures set out in the European regulations UNE-EN 1176 and 1177.

For example, the game elements such as swings, seesaws, Toboggans, towers and climbing games, in addition to being attractive must be manufactured with anti-vandalism materials and should be easy to maintain to ensure its perfect condition over time.

The pavement of the playgrounds should be composed of soft materials, such as recycled rubber, cushioning the impact of possible falls.

It is also very important to meet the needs of children with disabilities, especially when equipping and designing playgrounds for public use, so they must be accessible and have inclusive elements of play, such as adapted swings for wheelchairs.

For playgrounds to fulfill all these tasks is essential that the heads of municipalities and private entities such as schools, day care centers, shopping centers, campsites and communities of owners, have the advice of specialized companies to guide them throughout the design process, equipment and maintenance of their play areas, based on your specific needs.

Our experience equipping playgrounds and designing outdoor play spaces that educate, stimulate and fulfill the needs of children’s leisure, allows the experts to advise them in the entire process of design, choice and equipment of any park or playground for children.

All our equipment for playgrounds revolve around the game as a key piece in the development of the child and its relationship with the environment, offering our customers the best catalog games for playgrounds and a whole world of proposals designed to awaken the imagination and learning from children in fun, safe and healthy places.