Start Your Own Business


Enterprising spirit … is it born with it or is it done? It seems that it depends a lot on the trajectory and the tendency of each one. There are people who see business in everything and there are those who get to start a business because that is where their professional career has led them. There are also those who have resorted to entrepreneurship as a form of self-employment. We define the qualities and what training is advised to be an entrepreneur of pure strain.

Attitudes and attitudes of entrepreneurs

The keys in this point are given to us by Raquel Arranz, from, the socio-labor intervention portal of the Federation of Progressive Women.


Consultancies attitudes to good entrepreneurs will be passion , then, in the words of Raquel, “money is not motivating enough for all the effort that a business project will require”; the curiosity to look for information of what the market demands, of how the sector advances, of innovation, etc .; flexibility to adapt and reinvent itself; perseverance because not everything will come out first, and empathy , because inevitably you will relate to people with whom you will have to negotiate, agree and establish more or less stable relationships.


As basic skills, Raquel emphasizes the commercial one, the one of knowing how to manage time, the one of carrying out an effective analysis, the one of knowing how to orientate oneself to achievements and objectives, and the one of having acquired digital competences, then, as it indicates us, most of the information is on the Internet, many processes and procedures are carried out online.

Learn to undertake

Setting up a business requires being willing to play many clubs. Some of the following tasks may not be good for you, but you will have to learn at least to supervise them. The success of your business may depend on them.


Taxation. Bureaucratic procedures that your business will have to go through and the returns generated by it. You can leave it in the hands of third parties to take you to this area, but after a while you will be convinced that you must be aware of it even if it is another one to present all the models and settlements.


Administration and finance. There are companies that have gone bankrupt just for not keeping accounts up to date and making forecasts of expenses and income. What to do when you have super habit or how to get liquidity when you need it will be the key to achieving financial stability.


Marketing and communication. Initially, many entrepreneurs are responsible for carrying out the communication of the company and its products. This task conducted by professional hands usually generates more benefits than by neophytes. However, if in the beginning it is not possible, there are training courses that can give you very profitable ideas.


Distribution and logistics. It is another of the weaknesses of a company that offers products and services. The customer service is essential to get reputation and stay. That everything works at the time of distributing the product is also. And, of course, knowing how to manage both deliveries and returns is equally fundamental.


Resource management and workflow. On the one hand, it is essential to know the suppliers that you can trust, because a bad supplier can cause you irreparable damage in the beginning. On the other hand, you have to internalize all the steps of your company’s own workflow to direct it with balance at all points.


Many of these skills will be needed as your business progresses. Do not leave your training aside, but do not pretend to acquire it at once, because you learn more thoroughly when you have a practical case on which to apply the knowledge that you are acquiring.