How to Grow a Business? 5 Easy to Apply Tips

You have children? Yes? Do not? It doesn’t really matter. What I want is to invite you to reflect. Have you stopped to think about how it is to have a child from pregnancy until he leaves home and has his own life?

It’s an incredible journey, with many challenges and a lot, a lot of dedication on the part of the parents, right? Mainly in the first years where babies and children are very dependent demanding a limitless dedication of their parents.


And what do I want with this? I want to tell you that how to grow a business, whether in a startup or a large company, is not very different from how to grow a child. What is needed is a series of knowledge, methodologies and dedication.

And, in this article I want to present you with 5 easy tips to apply in your business to make it grow.


Do you want to know how to grow a business? Then continue reading this article and learn more:


# 1 Focus on the client

I have already repeated this in several articles here in our blog but it is not for less, because knowing in depth the needs, the difficulties and the shopping behaviors of your clients is fundamental to know how to grow a business in the current days.


Because having precise information about who buys their products, they will be able to personalize their entire business model to a format expected by their ideal buyers, making them more faithful and consequently selling more.

Amazon for example, grew absurdly because its founder has a way of thinking like this, he uses all the data he gets from his clients who visit his website to constantly improve his business model, thus becoming one of the largest companies in the world.


# 2 Ventas

It seems a bit obvious to mention that selling is a way to grow a business, right? It really is, but here I want to give an alert. I work with digital marketing for more than 4 years and I am surprised by the number of companies that do not have at least one person in charge exclusively to sell, this is very serious because what feeds and maintains a live company are sales, activities that should be a of the main concerns of an entrepreneur.


Having a good sales plan, knowing the best practices and applying innovative sales methodologies are activities that must be daily on the radar of the entrepreneurs.


In addition, it is also necessary to evaluate the best channels to reach the largest number of customers.

# 3 People

This phrase is one of several teachings that Steve Jobs left us.

You entrepreneur or entrepreneur should not do everything in your company, you should know yourself very well, know your strengths and weaknesses, focusing on activities that are better than any other person on your team.


Already for the other functions of your business you must hire very smart people, much smarter than you. In addition, your collaborators must have a relationship with the culture of your organization.


Discovering or creating an organizational culture oriented to results is not a very difficult activity, as well as hiring people who fit in their culture is also not difficult because it is possible to easily find on the web courses that teach how to do.

To understand a little more the importance of culture in an organization, today large corporations hire their collaborators from the following premise: the contracted must have 85% fit with the culture of the organization and only 15% of technical knowledge about what you will have to do.


Why is it like this?

Because values ​​are much more difficult to change in people. Already technical knowledge is easier to teach, and companies that have collaborators aligned to their cultures work with more performance and fewer errors.

# 4 External help

I mentioned in the previous point that one of the ways to grow a business is to delegate those activities that are not the best skills of the entrepreneur, this means that he should not work alone.


The same applies to entrepreneurship as a whole, an entrepreneur will never succeed in growing a business with the mentality that everything must be produced internally.


Currently there are many skills, tools and competitive advantages that an entrepreneur needs but that is impossible to do internally.


We can cite as an example the marketing industry, there are several roles within marketing that require from the industry agencies specializing in several specific functions such as:


  •        Inbound Marketing Agency
  •        Traditional Marketing Agency
  •        Digital Marketing Agency
  •        Strategic Marketing Agency
  •        Social Marketing Agency
  •        Etc.


This does not only apply to marketing. In finance, sales, legal, accounting, HR, there are also very specific skills that will require the entrepreneur to seek help hiring companies.


There are so many required skills that those entrepreneurs who believe they must do everything internally are lost.

Always seek help, studying on Google, accompanying company blogs and constantly training your entire team.

# 5 Strategic Plan

Here in tree I constantly use an analogy with my team where I present the importance of a strategic plan. A company is like a ship that is in the port of Iquique, Chile for example and wants to move to the port of Paranaque, Brazil.


How do you think the ship leaves Iquique and goes to Paranaque? Do they just light the ship and go? No, happily, it’s not that madness, is it? but we know that many companies are like that, they simply open the doors and throw themselves into the sea of ​​the business world believing that the business will grow organically.


A company is like a ship, it must have a captain with its main team and responsible for each important area of ​​the ship, they must have a map with a starting point and arrival along with a summary of all the resources necessary to arrive at the place and expected time.


A company is nothing different, you must have a plan, a point of departure and an objective, you must have people trained in each important area of ​​your business and have the necessary resources to reach the goal or then adjust the goal to your resources.