Singapore playground supplier brings a multitude of benefits to children according to a study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Before explaining some resources and children’s games that can be useful to you, let’s see why it is so important to offer children outdoor games for children:

It is a great way to stimulate awareness of the environment through exploration, which will enable new discoveries, for example: experimenting with new objects, colors or smells. Singapore playground supplier is the best supplier for playground.

The large spaces, in addition, motivate the child to move, run, jump, climb, etc., favoring physical activity and healthy growth.

On the other hand, through group games, interpersonal relationships and teamwork are stimulated.

Finally, with each new space we get new playing opportunities, so the singapore playground supplier offers unlimited alternatives to perform. It’s about being creative!

Now, I leave you a list of playgrounds to carry out singapore playground supplier:


La Giancana is one of the outdoor children’s games par excellence and consists of proposing a series of tests that children have to perform. They are done in groups and teams and wins the most tests has overcome. In order to organize a gymkhana well, we must pre-prepare the activities to be carried out and alternate physical activity tests with rest tests and where the children have to use different skills to overcome them. The tests that we can prepare, therefore, can be of all kinds. I propose three examples:

Games of clues to develop intelligence and hypothetical-deductive thinking.

Games of races in pairs, for example, attaching one leg of each child so that they have to coordinate at the motor level. With this game we develop motor skills, balance and collaborative work, among others.To play different games singapore playground supplier supplies various games for playground for children.

Collaborative games, in which all team members have to take a joint action to win the test.


Singapore playground supplier is an excellent resource to play outdoors and specially to work the cooperative game and promote psychomotor skills. It also allows a great variety of group games. We will only need a parachute and balls of all kinds. Here are two examples:

An example of a game with a parachute singapore playground supplier is “the rolling ball”. The players grab the parachute at waist height and place the ball in the center of it. Then they must move it until the ball moves around making a circle without falling to the ground.

Another example of a game is the so-called “popcorn” and, in addition to being useful for coordinating and working as a singapore playground supplier, it is very fun and children love it! It is about putting the parachute at waist height and placing balls of all types and sizes, such as ping-pong, cloth, tennis, soccer balls, beach balls, etc., and making children make the balls jump like popcorn in the pan but trying not to fall on the ground.


Although the ideal is to try to encourage collaborative work and teamwork, with the smallest, sometimes it is also necessary to introduce competitive games since this type of game revolves around rules that must be met. Singapore playground supplier games children learn to comply with rules, to win, to lose, to cooperate and to respect the established. Here is an example of competitive outdoor play:

” A lot of noise”: We tied an inflated balloon to each child’s ankle. At the educator’s signal the children have to try to exploit the balloon of others, preventing them from doing the same with theirs. As the balloons are peaking, the children have to leave the game. The child who manages to survive wins.


Singapore playground supplier had fun and different games to the more traditional games with ball that will make children enjoy the outdoors and develop motor skills, balance, coordination, and other motor skills. I leave 3 examples, but there are many!

“Steal the ball.” We divide the children into two teams. The game is that each team has to try to steal the balls of the opposing team, while avoiding stealing their balls. If someone is caught with the ball of the opposing team before reaching his own field he has to return the ball.

“Pelotas fuera” is the opposite version to the previous one. It consists in dividing the children into two teams and each group will be in their half of the field. For one minute they have to throw the balls of their field to the opposite field and the team that gets, at the end of time, has less balls in their own field.

“That does not fall”. The children are placed in a circle and one of them is placed in the middle. One of the children throws the ball high while saying the name of another child, who has to get out of the circle and catch the ball before it falls to the ground or the child who was in the middle picks it up.

As you can see, this is just a small selection of singapore playground supplier. There are many options, the idea is to start from the space we have, take advantage of the resources it offers, prepare well the activities thinking about the group of children, their needs, their tastes and their capabilities and above all, put imagination!