The Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Playgrounds of Schools and Playgrounds is Essential for the Safety of Children

Choosing the right pavement for playgrounds and school playgrounds, as well as repairing it if necessary, is essential to guarantee the safety of the youngest children.


When we talk about playground repair singapore and school playgrounds, the aspect that matters most is the safety of children. At present, there are several European regulations that regulate the safety and maintenance of playgrounds, applied in the Spanish state through the UNE Standards (UNE-EN 1176, UNE-EN 1177 and UNE 147100). Therefore, we must not only take into account that the installation is correct, but that the maintenance or repair of the floors of school and park yards in case of deterioration is adequate and carried out correctly.


The European regulations include the requirements that playground repair Singapore must meet (dimensions, spaces, distances and safety heights, materials used, protection against falls and snags, pavements, etc.) as well as the installed game elements (swings, slides, seesaws , etc.) Although these regulations do not make specific mention of the repair of patios or patios and parks, they do include the conditions in which they must be found at all times.


In particular, the UNE-EN 1177 standard refers to “Surface coatings of impact-absorbing play areas. General safety requirements and test methods “. In this sense, the regulation establishes that the surface on which minors can fall in the use of the game elements (impact surface) will be of soft materials, in such a way that they allow the adequate absorption of impacts and cushion the blows.


In this sense, to avoid the injuries caused by falls that occur on a daily basis in the parks, the best option is to install safety tiles that give a great elasticity to the pavement. The use of this type of surface is suitable for both public and private parks (such as neighborhood parks, school playgrounds, nurseries …) as they provide greater security and ensure compliance with European standards.


The installation of these security tiles is very easy and simple and only requires a rigid and clean surface where the assembly will take place. There are different dimensions, shapes and colors to achieve a unique design that adapts perfectly to the needs of each client (depending on space, purpose, etc.)


The main characteristics of this type of surfaces are:

Durable material with minimal maintenance

Anti-slip surface to prevent slips and falls and non-abrasive materials that cause damage and injury to children.


Waterproof surface that guarantees maximum durability even in the most humid and rainy areas.


In addition, the maintenance and repair of pavements for playground repair Singapore of schools and playgrounds is very simple and its correct rehabilitation guarantees a greater durability of it.


In Quality Sports Facilities we are experts in the repair and rehabilitation of pavements and floors of parks, school playground repair Singapore and sports courts and we always offer our customers the best solution taking into account at all times the safety of the smallest and the guarantee of soil durability.