This is the first of 5 topics we are going to talk about front suspension for bicycle fork. We will cover from the choice of the damping system to how each part works. Here we go?


Do you know which is one of the most common doubts when buying a suspension? Decide between a suspension with lock or without lock . But before that it is important to choose the suspension damping system. Because?

Shock absorbers with elastomers little flex, are less efficient and have no regulation. Shock absorbers with spring system:

  •        They flex more;
  •        They are a little more efficient;
  •        Usually have preload adjustment (to make it softer or harder) .

The air and oil systems are fully adjustable and very efficient. They have pneumatic and return adjustment with numerous possibilities. It only depends on the rider’s weight and the rider’s weight.


More sophisticated systems are more efficient at reading the terrain. They cause the rider to lose less kinetic energy for the spring effect. I speak of the famous “rise and fall” of the suspension at unwanted moments.


In the cost evaluation, considering the XC (Cross Country) modality , spring-loaded shock absorbers and elastomers are more important than oil and spring systems, which are cheaper than air and oil systems.

Now that you know the suspension damping systems, it is important to reflect on the ways of using the bike. After all, choosing the product that really caters to us can mean great satisfaction in the use and hundreds of dollars more – or savings – in the pocket. Especially when it comes to bike parts.

If its use is recreational, with irregular routes, but with few obstacles that require much of the suspension, a system without lock will attend it. If you have just started on the MTB but intend to “clear tortuous paths” in the short term , with greater difficulty and demand, your choice should be for locked systems.


After learning about the damping systems and defining their real need in MTB practice, it’s time to understand what the suspension lock is for. The lock is a device that blocks the damping of the suspension.  This would be like turning the suspension bicycle fork into a hard fork.


In a hydraulic suspension, either with spring or air , the suspension lock is on the side of the cane where the oil chamber is located and, when activated, blocks the oil flow, preventing bending of the damper.

The use of the lock brings benefit by ceasing the spring effect, which moves us up and down, rather than moving us forward. The main use of the latch is in climbs, when we pedalamos standing or even seated, long straight and stretches without obstacles. The use of the latch in uneven parts, even in climbs and standing, is not indicated, because impacts with the damper locked fatally will damage the locking system.

It should be remembered that we are referring to mechanical locking systems , as there are manufacturers that have already developed “intelligent” locks that lock and unlock the suspension as the terrain is read.

At the end of the day, with or without suspension, with or without lock, what is NOT worth inventing excuse not to take skinny for a ride!

After All, Where Can I Find Wooden Children’s Playground?

Videogames, TV, tables and computers. In the modern world, children spend a lot of time at home and are exposed to an excess of technology and therefore have abandoned the old habits of playing on the street and being in constant motion.

It is true that many parents feel insecure about letting their children play alone on the street, since safety is no longer the same as it was years ago. To dodge this challenge, singapore playground supplier are great options that offer a safe location and entertainment option for kids. After all, playing outdoors is very important for the health and development of the little ones .

To make sure the space is 100% safe and worry free, it is essential to take care when choosing the singapore playground supplier for your condo by choosing reliable materials such as wood.

Next, check out our tips on how to choose the right wood children’s playground and other important points when installing the playground and ensure the fun and safety of the children!


Find the ideal space

Firstly, you must find in your condominium the ideal space for the playground to be installed. If there is already some place in mind, measure the area so that you can choose the singapore playground supplier. Remember that it is advisable to keep a distance of at least 1.30m between one toy and another.

Seek to identify the profile and age range of the children who used the toys. There are playground options specific to each age , so to make the right choice and leave the environment safer for everyone, you need to know beforehand if you will need to invest in items for smaller children or on a more teen line .


Invest in a good material

There are several types of materials available in the market for playgrounds, however, those of wooden structure are the most sought after as this material offers more durability and needs less maintenance.

Playgrounds made from reforestation wood are an even more interesting option due to the sustainability factor . After all, when we engage to reduce the negative impact on the environment we are teaching children, from breakdown, to being more conscientious and responsible citizens.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the wooden playground is beautiful and charming. Be sure to look for long-lasting, treated wood items that have no crumbs, splinters or angled edges that can hurt children.


Search for specialized suppliers

The most efficient way to buy safe and quality playgrounds is to look for stores specializing in selling and manufacturing such equipment, only in this way do you guarantee to have safe products. In addition, these companies have professionals prepared to do the correct installation and offer the best maintenance .

Another point is that suppliers of credibility have certified products that follow ABNT’s safety and quality standards. This way, you know that all necessary steps have been taken by the manufacturer to make the toy as safe as possible .