English Classes for You. Toy Library for Your Children 100% in English

Every day more fathers and mothers feel the need to learn English as part of their personal and professional development . The problem comes when we have small children under our care, and we do not have the support of other relatives to leave them with them and to attend our english tuition centre singapore. We need a playroom.

We have created a special program “English classes + playroom” . For fathers and mothers with children under their care, which associates english tuition centre singapore classes for adults and 100% English specialized children’s playroom.

English lessons with a playroom in the morning or afternoon

We have divided the program “English classes + playroom” into two slots that cover the needs of children in different age ranges.

On the one hand, for babies from 0 to 3 years old , we offer the playroom associated with the English courses for adults in the morning . The children will be part of the didactic program of our IML KIDS Matinal Center but at a super reduced price of only € 2 / hour . You can concentrate fully on your English classes knowing that your children are in the hands of the best professionals.

On the other hand, for children from 4 to 12 years old , we offer a playroom associated with English courses for adults during late Friday hours . Whether for our 3-hour semi-intensive English courses , or for conversation workshops . The price for these children would also be only € 2 / h . In addition, the price is the same for two brothers as for one , as long as they fall within the same age range that we have described. Taking care of your two little ones will not cost you more. And you can take advantage of that time to improve your English, knowing that they are also learning.

English classes for all levels

As for what types of course you can choose to have the associated playroom, you can say that you have practically all available levels.

English classes of 1 or 3 hours, and work from basic improvements to preparation of Cambridge degrees.

In the mornings : general English, initial English, B1, B2 preparation courses, or even higher levels such as Advanced or Proficiency, are the options of courses to which you can choose with a playroom for children from 0 to 3 years old. for only € 2 / hour.

Friday afternoons : Grammar classes, Support and Selectivity, B1 and B2 preparation courses, and Advanced classes (C1), are the options on Fridays, with a children’s library for children from 4 to 12 years old, by Only € 2 / hour.