Life is Science

At school they often ask her: Why is your name Berenice? And she always responds “Because I like it.” The relationship between his name and his father’s fondness for astronomy is something he prefers to keep secret for now. Someday he will be encouraged to tell it, because the love between the two of them is a science enrichment class without walls .

The gym-jazz classes are a challenge for her. Not because of fatigue, but because of the feeling of being all the time learning physics with the body : jumps, contortions, dances, waving his long hair with every movement. An authentic juggling physicist she performs with her sister in the neighborhood’s cultural center twice a week. At the exit, water and food , because physics illuminates but the guts roar. On the way home, an ocean of air at your disposal to improvise a workshop of soaps with the boats of bubbles that their mother has brought them.

At night, before going to sleep, Berenice likes to observe the planets that hang from her lamp. At night everything changes, and above all how we perceive reality. When the light is turned off, the spheres shine long enough to fall asleep looking at them. It’s as if they say come, catch the light before it fades. Meanwhile, the hall paintings look like enigmatic pictures wrapped in shadows.

The next morning, the first lights of the day sneak through the slits of his blind. The toys, here and there, struck by the rays take on a strange aspect, like magical arts . Good morning, breakfasts, bathtub, clothes put inside out, hugs, normal every morning, a CSI in colors. Word of mouth and kiss because it touches me . Bubbles emerge from the bottom of your glass and clump together on the surface of your colacao. She imagines a civilization of tiny colored beings living in those bubbles, with their little houses, their cabbages, their parks and their children making bubbles in their breakfast glasses blowing by tiny straws, which in turn generate other smaller worlds. A whole trip to the nanoworld .

Berenice looks at the multitude of things necessary to take care of her and her brothers: radiators, light bulbs, hot water, hair dryers … How can there be energy efficiency with so much waste? There were already others who invented these devices, now it’s your turn to make them consume little, says his mother with his book of design and 3D printing under his arm. While the smallest frowns to try to find out what Mama meant, Dad winks at her from the door and tells her to smile and see how to plan for the future .

The bell rings and they go out to recess. Berenice pulls a couple of tangerines from the back of her backpack and decides to share them with her best friend number one and her best friend number two. We are three … there are fourteen segments … these are mathematics that are played . We are two sisters, your portal is 37, eleven years old in May, prime numbers around you throughout the day.

From the kitchen comes a delicious aroma of something sweet hard to determine. A little more concentration and finished duties. Let’s see those reflexes, put yourself to the test … With a couple of video games! The cake appears in the room. Please, do not touch , it still burns. This afternoon is going to be great.

A story before sleeping: ” Once upon a time … Arduino on the robotic planet Cubic_3 “. Berenice falls asleep, today with the light on and the book open on her chest, dreaming of her trip to the CĂ­rculo de Bellas Artes to attend the scientific fair Con Ciencia en la Escuela . Because life is science and science dreams are.