Life is Science

At school they often ask her: Why is your name Berenice? And she always responds “Because I like it.” The relationship between his name and his father’s fondness for astronomy is something he prefers to keep secret for now. Someday he will be encouraged to tell it, because the love between the two of them is a science enrichment class without walls .

The gym-jazz classes are a challenge for her. Not because of fatigue, but because of the feeling of being all the time learning physics with the body : jumps, contortions, dances, waving his long hair with every movement. An authentic juggling physicist she performs with her sister in the neighborhood’s cultural center twice a week. At the exit, water and food , because physics illuminates but the guts roar. On the way home, an ocean of air at your disposal to improvise a workshop of soaps with the boats of bubbles that their mother has brought them.

At night, before going to sleep, Berenice likes to observe the planets that hang from her lamp. At night everything changes, and above all how we perceive reality. When the light is turned off, the spheres shine long enough to fall asleep looking at them. It’s as if they say come, catch the light before it fades. Meanwhile, the hall paintings look like enigmatic pictures wrapped in shadows.

The next morning, the first lights of the day sneak through the slits of his blind. The toys, here and there, struck by the rays take on a strange aspect, like magical arts . Good morning, breakfasts, bathtub, clothes put inside out, hugs, normal every morning, a CSI in colors. Word of mouth and kiss because it touches me . Bubbles emerge from the bottom of your glass and clump together on the surface of your colacao. She imagines a civilization of tiny colored beings living in those bubbles, with their little houses, their cabbages, their parks and their children making bubbles in their breakfast glasses blowing by tiny straws, which in turn generate other smaller worlds. A whole trip to the nanoworld .

Berenice looks at the multitude of things necessary to take care of her and her brothers: radiators, light bulbs, hot water, hair dryers … How can there be energy efficiency with so much waste? There were already others who invented these devices, now it’s your turn to make them consume little, says his mother with his book of design and 3D printing under his arm. While the smallest frowns to try to find out what Mama meant, Dad winks at her from the door and tells her to smile and see how to plan for the future .

The bell rings and they go out to recess. Berenice pulls a couple of tangerines from the back of her backpack and decides to share them with her best friend number one and her best friend number two. We are three … there are fourteen segments … these are mathematics that are played . We are two sisters, your portal is 37, eleven years old in May, prime numbers around you throughout the day.

From the kitchen comes a delicious aroma of something sweet hard to determine. A little more concentration and finished duties. Let’s see those reflexes, put yourself to the test … With a couple of video games! The cake appears in the room. Please, do not touch , it still burns. This afternoon is going to be great.

A story before sleeping: ” Once upon a time … Arduino on the robotic planet Cubic_3 “. Berenice falls asleep, today with the light on and the book open on her chest, dreaming of her trip to the Círculo de Bellas Artes to attend the scientific fair Con Ciencia en la Escuela . Because life is science and science dreams are.

EPDM Liquid Rubber Flooring For Flat Roof Repairs

Ethylene-propylene terpolymer (EPDM)

The elastomers are rigid, usually soft, but always elastically deformable under load. After traction the elastomers recover to their initial shape.

When heated, the elastomers do not become plastic (and are not deformable), nor do they melt. At high temperatures, decomposition begins and the material is destroyed. The elastomers can not be melted or welded and are insoluble, yet separable.

The elasticity of an elastomer material is defined by the degree of cross-linking. The bonding process is called curing. Vulcanized elastomers are also referred to as “rubber”.

EPDM rubber (ethylene-propylene-terpolymer monomer rubber (class M)), a type of synthetic rubber, is an elastomer with a wide range of applications. OE is relative to ethylene, P is propylene, D is diene and M is classified according to ASTM D-1418.

EPDM rubber is used in sealants, glass slide channels, radiators, garden hoses and appliances, pipes, washers, belts, electrical insulation, vibrators and in the trim of loudspeakers. It is also used as a medium for water resistance in joining electrical cables, coating membranes, geomembranes, mechanical rubber articles, plastic impact modification, thermoplastics, vulcanized applications and many others.

The main properties of epdm rubber flooring are its outstanding resistance to heat, ozone and weather conditions. It also has good resistance to polar and vapor substances, as well as excellent electrical insulation properties.

EPDM means ethylene-propylene-diene monomer. epdm rubber flooring is a synthetic rubber elastomer specially developed for engineering applications. It has properties much superior to natural rubbers, synthetic rubbers or polymers. EPDM do not degrade despite exposure to severe environmental conditions. The structure and its flexibility makes it ideal for roof repairs, roof repairs, in particular dish. Another thing going for it is that it is available as a roll-shaped sheet and can be fixed with a little effort, even by homeowners.

EPDM put flat sheets are best for flat roofs. However, there are cases where the roof surface is not perfectly flat, or has been damaged by severe cracks in more points. EPDM tiles can cover the roof but do not fill the cracks. Irregular surfaces may not allow continuous contact between the sheets and the surface of the roof and the air pockets at the end of the epdm rubber flooring sheet work loose. The best alternative in such cases is to go in a liquid EPDM rubber coating.

EPDM liquid rubber is available in convenient package. It can be applied with a simple brush or spatula, spread easily, heals in hours and gives a flat and level surface. Due to its liquid properties, it fills larger and smaller cracks and forms a permanent seal. Clean the roof, scrub without debris, allow to dry and start the application. There is no need for any primer or adhesive. If EPDM liquid rubber is an adhesive substance that bonds wood, metal, clay, cement, and remains solidly attached. EPDM liquid rubber is waterproof and remains so for years. There is no need to apply any protective coating. Despite puddles of water, there is no need to worry. Liquid EPDM rubber can be applied as a single layer or multiple layers until the desired thickness is obtained.

EPDM liquid rubber is easy to apply. Only one side is needed in most cases. It costs less, requires less work and fatigue, and provides long-lasting results. Another advantage is that it is possible to add to the liquid color mixture to give the desired color for the roof. Flat roof repair flat rubber treatment solution does not emit toxic gases during curing and curing at normal temperatures. It can be applied to vertical surfaces in the form of ease with which it can be applied to flat roofs. EPDM liquid rubber is available in five gallon drums and one gallon easily covers about 45 square feet. It fills in cracks and is not restricted to polymerization. Apply once and get rid of all roof spreading problems permanently.

English Classes for You. Toy Library for Your Children 100% in English

Every day more fathers and mothers feel the need to learn English as part of their personal and professional development . The problem comes when we have small children under our care, and we do not have the support of other relatives to leave them with them and to attend our english tuition centre singapore. We need a playroom.

We have created a special program “English classes + playroom” . For fathers and mothers with children under their care, which associates english tuition centre singapore classes for adults and 100% English specialized children’s playroom.

English lessons with a playroom in the morning or afternoon

We have divided the program “English classes + playroom” into two slots that cover the needs of children in different age ranges.

On the one hand, for babies from 0 to 3 years old , we offer the playroom associated with the English courses for adults in the morning . The children will be part of the didactic program of our IML KIDS Matinal Center but at a super reduced price of only € 2 / hour . You can concentrate fully on your English classes knowing that your children are in the hands of the best professionals.

On the other hand, for children from 4 to 12 years old , we offer a playroom associated with English courses for adults during late Friday hours . Whether for our 3-hour semi-intensive English courses , or for conversation workshops . The price for these children would also be only € 2 / h . In addition, the price is the same for two brothers as for one , as long as they fall within the same age range that we have described. Taking care of your two little ones will not cost you more. And you can take advantage of that time to improve your English, knowing that they are also learning.

English classes for all levels

As for what types of course you can choose to have the associated playroom, you can say that you have practically all available levels.

English classes of 1 or 3 hours, and work from basic improvements to preparation of Cambridge degrees.

In the mornings : general English, initial English, B1, B2 preparation courses, or even higher levels such as Advanced or Proficiency, are the options of courses to which you can choose with a playroom for children from 0 to 3 years old. for only € 2 / hour.

Friday afternoons : Grammar classes, Support and Selectivity, B1 and B2 preparation courses, and Advanced classes (C1), are the options on Fridays, with a children’s library for children from 4 to 12 years old, by Only € 2 / hour.


This is the first of 5 topics we are going to talk about front suspension for bicycle fork. We will cover from the choice of the damping system to how each part works. Here we go?


Do you know which is one of the most common doubts when buying a suspension? Decide between a suspension with lock or without lock . But before that it is important to choose the suspension damping system. Because?

Shock absorbers with elastomers little flex, are less efficient and have no regulation. Shock absorbers with spring system:

  •        They flex more;
  •        They are a little more efficient;
  •        Usually have preload adjustment (to make it softer or harder) .

The air and oil systems are fully adjustable and very efficient. They have pneumatic and return adjustment with numerous possibilities. It only depends on the rider’s weight and the rider’s weight.


More sophisticated systems are more efficient at reading the terrain. They cause the rider to lose less kinetic energy for the spring effect. I speak of the famous “rise and fall” of the suspension at unwanted moments.


In the cost evaluation, considering the XC (Cross Country) modality , spring-loaded shock absorbers and elastomers are more important than oil and spring systems, which are cheaper than air and oil systems.

Now that you know the suspension damping systems, it is important to reflect on the ways of using the bike. After all, choosing the product that really caters to us can mean great satisfaction in the use and hundreds of dollars more – or savings – in the pocket. Especially when it comes to bike parts.

If its use is recreational, with irregular routes, but with few obstacles that require much of the suspension, a system without lock will attend it. If you have just started on the MTB but intend to “clear tortuous paths” in the short term , with greater difficulty and demand, your choice should be for locked systems.


After learning about the damping systems and defining their real need in MTB practice, it’s time to understand what the suspension lock is for. The lock is a device that blocks the damping of the suspension.  This would be like turning the suspension bicycle fork into a hard fork.


In a hydraulic suspension, either with spring or air , the suspension lock is on the side of the cane where the oil chamber is located and, when activated, blocks the oil flow, preventing bending of the damper.

The use of the lock brings benefit by ceasing the spring effect, which moves us up and down, rather than moving us forward. The main use of the latch is in climbs, when we pedalamos standing or even seated, long straight and stretches without obstacles. The use of the latch in uneven parts, even in climbs and standing, is not indicated, because impacts with the damper locked fatally will damage the locking system.

It should be remembered that we are referring to mechanical locking systems , as there are manufacturers that have already developed “intelligent” locks that lock and unlock the suspension as the terrain is read.

At the end of the day, with or without suspension, with or without lock, what is NOT worth inventing excuse not to take skinny for a ride!

After All, Where Can I Find Wooden Children’s Playground?

Videogames, TV, tables and computers. In the modern world, children spend a lot of time at home and are exposed to an excess of technology and therefore have abandoned the old habits of playing on the street and being in constant motion.

It is true that many parents feel insecure about letting their children play alone on the street, since safety is no longer the same as it was years ago. To dodge this challenge, singapore playground supplier are great options that offer a safe location and entertainment option for kids. After all, playing outdoors is very important for the health and development of the little ones .

To make sure the space is 100% safe and worry free, it is essential to take care when choosing the singapore playground supplier for your condo by choosing reliable materials such as wood.

Next, check out our tips on how to choose the right wood children’s playground and other important points when installing the playground and ensure the fun and safety of the children!


Find the ideal space

Firstly, you must find in your condominium the ideal space for the playground to be installed. If there is already some place in mind, measure the area so that you can choose the singapore playground supplier. Remember that it is advisable to keep a distance of at least 1.30m between one toy and another.

Seek to identify the profile and age range of the children who used the toys. There are playground options specific to each age , so to make the right choice and leave the environment safer for everyone, you need to know beforehand if you will need to invest in items for smaller children or on a more teen line .


Invest in a good material

There are several types of materials available in the market for playgrounds, however, those of wooden structure are the most sought after as this material offers more durability and needs less maintenance.

Playgrounds made from reforestation wood are an even more interesting option due to the sustainability factor . After all, when we engage to reduce the negative impact on the environment we are teaching children, from breakdown, to being more conscientious and responsible citizens.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the wooden playground is beautiful and charming. Be sure to look for long-lasting, treated wood items that have no crumbs, splinters or angled edges that can hurt children.


Search for specialized suppliers

The most efficient way to buy safe and quality playgrounds is to look for stores specializing in selling and manufacturing such equipment, only in this way do you guarantee to have safe products. In addition, these companies have professionals prepared to do the correct installation and offer the best maintenance .

Another point is that suppliers of credibility have certified products that follow ABNT’s safety and quality standards. This way, you know that all necessary steps have been taken by the manufacturer to make the toy as safe as possible .

The Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Playgrounds of Schools and Playgrounds is Essential for the Safety of Children

Choosing the right pavement for playgrounds and school playgrounds, as well as repairing it if necessary, is essential to guarantee the safety of the youngest children.


When we talk about playground repair singapore and school playgrounds, the aspect that matters most is the safety of children. At present, there are several European regulations that regulate the safety and maintenance of playgrounds, applied in the Spanish state through the UNE Standards (UNE-EN 1176, UNE-EN 1177 and UNE 147100). Therefore, we must not only take into account that the installation is correct, but that the maintenance or repair of the floors of school and park yards in case of deterioration is adequate and carried out correctly.


The European regulations include the requirements that playground repair Singapore must meet (dimensions, spaces, distances and safety heights, materials used, protection against falls and snags, pavements, etc.) as well as the installed game elements (swings, slides, seesaws , etc.) Although these regulations do not make specific mention of the repair of patios or patios and parks, they do include the conditions in which they must be found at all times.


In particular, the UNE-EN 1177 standard refers to “Surface coatings of impact-absorbing play areas. General safety requirements and test methods “. In this sense, the regulation establishes that the surface on which minors can fall in the use of the game elements (impact surface) will be of soft materials, in such a way that they allow the adequate absorption of impacts and cushion the blows.


In this sense, to avoid the injuries caused by falls that occur on a daily basis in the parks, the best option is to install safety tiles that give a great elasticity to the pavement. The use of this type of surface is suitable for both public and private parks (such as neighborhood parks, school playgrounds, nurseries …) as they provide greater security and ensure compliance with European standards.


The installation of these security tiles is very easy and simple and only requires a rigid and clean surface where the assembly will take place. There are different dimensions, shapes and colors to achieve a unique design that adapts perfectly to the needs of each client (depending on space, purpose, etc.)


The main characteristics of this type of surfaces are:

Durable material with minimal maintenance

Anti-slip surface to prevent slips and falls and non-abrasive materials that cause damage and injury to children.


Waterproof surface that guarantees maximum durability even in the most humid and rainy areas.


In addition, the maintenance and repair of pavements for playground repair Singapore of schools and playgrounds is very simple and its correct rehabilitation guarantees a greater durability of it.


In Quality Sports Facilities we are experts in the repair and rehabilitation of pavements and floors of parks, school playground repair Singapore and sports courts and we always offer our customers the best solution taking into account at all times the safety of the smallest and the guarantee of soil durability.


Singapore playground supplier brings a multitude of benefits to children according to a study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Before explaining some resources and children’s games that can be useful to you, let’s see why it is so important to offer children outdoor games for children:

It is a great way to stimulate awareness of the environment through exploration, which will enable new discoveries, for example: experimenting with new objects, colors or smells. Singapore playground supplier is the best supplier for playground.

The large spaces, in addition, motivate the child to move, run, jump, climb, etc., favoring physical activity and healthy growth.

On the other hand, through group games, interpersonal relationships and teamwork are stimulated.

Finally, with each new space we get new playing opportunities, so the singapore playground supplier offers unlimited alternatives to perform. It’s about being creative!

Now, I leave you a list of playgrounds to carry out singapore playground supplier:


La Giancana is one of the outdoor children’s games par excellence and consists of proposing a series of tests that children have to perform. They are done in groups and teams and wins the most tests has overcome. In order to organize a gymkhana well, we must pre-prepare the activities to be carried out and alternate physical activity tests with rest tests and where the children have to use different skills to overcome them. The tests that we can prepare, therefore, can be of all kinds. I propose three examples:

Games of clues to develop intelligence and hypothetical-deductive thinking.

Games of races in pairs, for example, attaching one leg of each child so that they have to coordinate at the motor level. With this game we develop motor skills, balance and collaborative work, among others.To play different games singapore playground supplier supplies various games for playground for children.

Collaborative games, in which all team members have to take a joint action to win the test.


Singapore playground supplier is an excellent resource to play outdoors and specially to work the cooperative game and promote psychomotor skills. It also allows a great variety of group games. We will only need a parachute and balls of all kinds. Here are two examples:

An example of a game with a parachute singapore playground supplier is “the rolling ball”. The players grab the parachute at waist height and place the ball in the center of it. Then they must move it until the ball moves around making a circle without falling to the ground.

Another example of a game is the so-called “popcorn” and, in addition to being useful for coordinating and working as a singapore playground supplier, it is very fun and children love it! It is about putting the parachute at waist height and placing balls of all types and sizes, such as ping-pong, cloth, tennis, soccer balls, beach balls, etc., and making children make the balls jump like popcorn in the pan but trying not to fall on the ground.


Although the ideal is to try to encourage collaborative work and teamwork, with the smallest, sometimes it is also necessary to introduce competitive games since this type of game revolves around rules that must be met. Singapore playground supplier games children learn to comply with rules, to win, to lose, to cooperate and to respect the established. Here is an example of competitive outdoor play:

” A lot of noise”: We tied an inflated balloon to each child’s ankle. At the educator’s signal the children have to try to exploit the balloon of others, preventing them from doing the same with theirs. As the balloons are peaking, the children have to leave the game. The child who manages to survive wins.


Singapore playground supplier had fun and different games to the more traditional games with ball that will make children enjoy the outdoors and develop motor skills, balance, coordination, and other motor skills. I leave 3 examples, but there are many!

“Steal the ball.” We divide the children into two teams. The game is that each team has to try to steal the balls of the opposing team, while avoiding stealing their balls. If someone is caught with the ball of the opposing team before reaching his own field he has to return the ball.

“Pelotas fuera” is the opposite version to the previous one. It consists in dividing the children into two teams and each group will be in their half of the field. For one minute they have to throw the balls of their field to the opposite field and the team that gets, at the end of time, has less balls in their own field.

“That does not fall”. The children are placed in a circle and one of them is placed in the middle. One of the children throws the ball high while saying the name of another child, who has to get out of the circle and catch the ball before it falls to the ground or the child who was in the middle picks it up.

As you can see, this is just a small selection of singapore playground supplier. There are many options, the idea is to start from the space we have, take advantage of the resources it offers, prepare well the activities thinking about the group of children, their needs, their tastes and their capabilities and above all, put imagination!

Safety Measures And The Evolution Of Playground Contractor Singapore

Remember that tall, shiny metal, sliding plates? They look intimidatingly steep, but you have the sea and chase down. Next, you tackled the monkey bars, climb higher and higher and hang your knees at the peak. Playground is very different for preschool children today. Low sliding plates, safer plastic climbers and fence protected platforms are meant to prevent injuries.

But a preliminary study indicates an unintended result: without enthusiasm, less active children. Playground Contractor Singapore lead to nowhere, climbers are short and chips are slow. The equipment is easily mastered and children lose interest soon, daycare providers have researchers in a range of focus groups. And with more and more sitting children and a worsening childhood obesity epidemic, the study’s writers said it’s time to start balancing concerns about safety with the need for strong, stimulating the game.

Under the guidance of Dr Kristen Copeland, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the study involved 49 local day care providers, very highly experienced, at 34 childcare centers. These include the city center, suburban, head start and montessori, church affiliated, ymca, affiliate or university affiliated and corporate / profit facilities. Focus groups took place between August 2006 and June 2007. In the study, published online on January 4 and in the February issue of Pediatrics, playground contractor singapore describe barriers to healthy exercise: state licensing codes and financial constraints that limit playground contractor singapore choices, injuries and pressure to classroom learning over playtime, whether from parents or local nursery readiness initiatives.

“We were surprised to hear that parents – both low-income and higher-income – focus on traditional” academics “(letters, numbers, colors) instead of outdoor games, even for children as young as 3 years old, “said Copeland. “Children learn on the playground – they learn about nature, weather and seasons, movement, concepts of distance and speed, and cause and effect. They learn how to negotiate and talk to their peers and they learn basic motor skills, such as. How to throw and catch a ball, and how to skip.

“And it is also a matter of slow bodies making sense. “Research has shown that children can concentrate and learn better after short periods of powerful activity,” noted Copeland. Angela Mickalide, director of research and programs for Safe Kids worldwide known as the new study “profane,” but said it lacked epidemiological information about injuries that occur from playground contractor singapore. “A child with a traumatic brain injury or breakdown will be even less active,” she noticed. Nearly 220,000 children between the ages of 14 and below were treated in emergency departments in 2009 according to a Safe Kids Fact Sheet for playground equipment injuries. And in children between the ages of 4 and most of the traumatic brain injuries is happening on the playground. Mickalide said that one of the most dangerous for young children is “old playgrounds with slides on slopes larger than 45 degrees, climbers 8 or 10 feet from the ground, and monkey bars must be much higher than the whole family, but without a soft surface underneath.

“Safety measures such as decreasing equipment height and the use of protective surfaces such as carved rubber and wood chips in “fall zones” have significantly reduced injury risk, as did state laws that comply with safety guidelines, according to playground contractor singapore. This is not always a matter of equipment design. Other factors may include “inappropriate behavior on the playground,” said Mickalide. “Do not play on soft surfaces. Let the whole family play on equipment intended for older children. Play on equipment that gets too hot, or is fragmented or damaged.” Children not actively supervised. “When it comes to equipment, less often, both experts agree, and kids can climb as much to do jumping jacks or throw a ball. “Running and playing games are both healthy and delicious,” said Copeland.

Start Your Own Business


Enterprising spirit … is it born with it or is it done? It seems that it depends a lot on the trajectory and the tendency of each one. There are people who see business in everything and there are those who get to start a business because that is where their professional career has led them. There are also those who have resorted to entrepreneurship as a form of self-employment. We define the qualities and what training is advised to be an entrepreneur of pure strain.

more “Start Your Own Business”